Legacy of Traditional Aikido

The traditional tsuba of Aikido Agatsu Dojos, providing professional instruction in the martial art, aikido, near by in Laurel Springs, Stratford, and throughout Camden and Gloucester Counties in South Jersey!
Agatsu Dojos is an internationally recognized facility dedicated to the foundation of the teachings of the Traditional Japanese Martial Art of Aikido as Founded by O’Sensei, Ueshiba Morihei.
R. & K. Crane Sensei, Dojo-Cho (Chief Instructors) opened Agatsu Dojos in 1976 to bring the valuable lessons of this unique Art of Self-Defense and Personal Development to South Jersey.
Over 40 years offering the highest quality instruction to Adults, Teens and Youth, Agatsu Dojos is headquartered in an historic residential area of Laurel Springs, New Jersey.
We invite you to become part of this rich history and join us in discovering your potential.



The tsuba of Aikido Agatsu Dojos, symbolic of professional instruction in traditional aikido in South Jersey, near Stratford, Voorhees Twp, Cherry Hill, Haddonfield, Berlin, Main dojo located walking distance from Cooper Medical School at Rowan University.

Matt-M, student of traditional aikido at Agatsu Dojos In Laurel Springs, NJ. Professional martial arts instruction throughout South Jersey since 1976.

“Aikido gives me a sense of calm now as I face career challenges. Facing hard times, the question is whether to persevere or let it overtake you. The centeredness learned in Aikido allows you to recognize challenges and decide a course of action.”

Matt M. – Logistics Contractor

Sue V, an adult student of aikido at Agatsu Dojos, traditional Aikido martial arts in South Jersey

“Working in the city is one of the reasons I started to take classes. In Aikido, you go to the Dojo to learn self-defense and awareness but learn other things without realizing it. I was concerned about my daughter who works and travels to places alone. I decided to give her a month of classes so that she would be safe, and we could spend quality time together.”

Sue V., – Manager Non-Profit Org.

“Our study in Aikido is not to concern ourselves with winning over others, but rather to focus on making positive changes within”

  • Lifelong resident of Camden County, K. Crane, Sensei, 7th Degree Black Belt demonstrates self-defense techniques of Aikido with her student as part of the Dojo 30th Anniversary Community Public Demonstration Event.
  • A demonstration of the Foundation of Aikido practice and principles. South Jersey resident, R. Crane, Sensei, 7th Dan demonstrates effective sword defense technique that disarms and controls the attacker.

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