Traditional Aikido

Founded in 1976, Aikido Agatsu Dojos teaches the Traditional Aikido of Ueshiba Morihei, Founder of Aikido. Traditional Aikido has as its center the core elements of Taijutsu (empty-handed defense), Aiki-Ken (sword) and Aiki-Jo (staff), which strengthen the mind and body, while developing focus and purpose. Not a form of Karate, Judo/Jujutsu, MMA, etc., Aikido instead stands on its own as a highly refined Martial Art syllabus known to strengthen the practitioner and improve physical and mental abilities through training in effective self-defense without aggression.

Certified by Aikido World Headquarters

Being among the highest ranked Instructors certified by Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan; Crane Sensei take the instruction of each student seriously. This commitment of purpose has led to the recognition both locally and internationally as being dedicated to maintaining Traditional Aikido for the future.

The Way of Harmony

Students at Agatsu Dojos learn that advancement comes through individual commitment and effort versus measuring themselves against others. In fact, the Japanese term ‘Agatsu’ when translated means ‘Self-Victory’ or to overcome the discord within oneself. The Dojo itself is a community of individuals training together to attain a greater understanding of self along with an understanding of this unique and intriguing art form while bettering themselves in the process.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.


  • Adult Classes improve fitness and stress level by promoting an environment of conditioning and centeredness in response to conflict. Certified high-ranking Instructors give personal and group guidance. The harmonious nature of Aikido practice allows adults to be active from their 20’s through their 50’s plus.

  • Developing awareness and effective self-defense, Traditional Aikido teaches control and balance through redirection of force.

  • Progression in rank comes through individual effort. Facing the challenges in your training teaches you to meet life’s challenges, set and reach goals and enjoy life!


  • Structured classes in a Traditional Dojo setting start at Age 7. Focus and concentration abilities improve in a calm, centered yet active environment.

  • Confidence & Self-Defense skills develop without aggression or competitiveness. Students learn to work together in a productive atmosphere, developing positive interaction skills under adult supervision with highly qualified and experienced instructors.

  • Achievement is realized through individual effort versus team oriented sports.


  • Teen Classes offer an atmosphere of supportive social interaction that builds positive self-image and effective peer pressure response along with awareness and effective Self-Defense.

  • Students build quality friendships while developing responsibility and leadership. Cultural & community service opportunities are offered along with guidance, referrals and letters of recommendation from their Instructors as they improve and advance in their study.

  • Achievement and motivation are realized through individual effort versus team-oriented activities. Aikido lessons help to develop character building skills which can be carried throughout life.


The traditional tsuba of Aikido Agatsu Dojos, providing professional instruction in the martial art, aikido, near by in Laurel Springs, Stratford, and throughout Camden and Gloucester Counties in South Jersey!

Classes start at various times throughout the year. Your first sessions in the Foundations Program will be arranged within a time that fits your schedule and ours to provide a thorough introduction and understanding of the basic practice and principles for you to realize your potential and experience the benefits of training in Aikido.

Adult, Youth & Teens are taught separately. New students attend classes targeted for introduction of basics.

Starting something new, the most important requirement is to be excited, determined and patient with yourself as you learn new expressions of Japanese Culture, Terminology and Aikido specific postures, movements and techniques.

Once your starting schedule is determined, you will be sent a Link to complete a Release Form followed by a Payment Link. Upon enrollment, you will receive the first of your ‘Getting Started’ Email Tutorials. Classes are confirmed by Text.

Uniforms are not required to start. New students wear loose-fitting clothes when in the Foundations Program. The Uniform or Gi (ghee) worn in ongoing classes consists of a plain white woven jacket, elastic or draw-string pants and belt.  You will receive a Dojo Member Catalog that includes information and prices on the uniforms available at the Dojo.

New students should schedule their classes to fit their schedule for consistency. There is no competition for advancement. You are choosing to do this for your individual development. Once or twice a week is sufficient for progress. As a member, you will be given learning materials and will, at times throughout the year, have the opportunity to attend weekend workshops that provide additional opportunities for learning in a group setting.

An Aikido Dojo is a Community that is inclusive by nature. We are all students. The methods of training in a mutually supportive environment promote a healthy exchange of challenge and development that allows all practitioners to learn and improve their skills. Instruction is designed to introduce and reinforce basics in the Foundations Program. New students with an open mind, patience and determination are most often pleasantly surprised with their progress in a relatively short period of time.


The traditional tsuba of Aikido Agatsu Dojos, providing professional instruction in the martial art, aikido, near by in Laurel Springs, Stratford, and throughout Camden and Gloucester Counties in South Jersey!

Foundations Program Adults

  • Introduction to the Basics
  • Discover Your Greatest Potential
  • Learn Proper Form
  • Learn Traditional Methods
  • Gain Self-Awareness
  • Learn Effective Self-Defense
  • Experience Your Best Self
  • Pay Below & Contact Us To Register
  • *No Additional Costs
  • Orientation Materials Provided
  • Continuing Membership Available Upon Completion @ $114/Monthly AutoPay or Discounted Prepaid.

Foundations - Adult

$228(12 Sessions)

Foundations Program Youth/Teen

  • Introduction to the Basics
  • Learn Pure Self-Defense
  • Male & Female Instructors
  • Gain Self-Confidence
  • Develop Focus & Self-Control
  • Improve School Performance
  • Make Friends – Build Character
  • Gain Fitness & Coordination
  • Separate Youth & Teen Program
  • Pay Below & Contact Us To Register
  • *Uniform Not Required to Start
  • Continuing Membership Available Upon Completion @ $109/Monthly AutoPay or Discounted Prepaid.

Foundations - Youth/Teen

$218(12 Sessions)

Foundations Program Family (2 Members)

  • 30% Discount for Additional Members
  • Highest Quality Instruction
  • Introduction to the Basics
  • Male & Female Instructors
  • Classes Taught by Age Levels
  • Individualized Attention
  • Reception/Waiting Areas for Family
  • Safe Secure Environment
  • Shared Quality Experience
  • Learn Traditional Methods
  • Pay Below & Contact Us to Register
  • *Uniform Not Required to Start
  • Orientation Materials Provided
  • Continuing Memberships Available Upon Completion. Options include Monthly AutoPay or Discounted Prepaid.

Foundations - Family (2)

$378(12 Sessions)

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